Women’s Intro Workshops

The FMA Women’s Self Defense Intro Workshops are designed to expose you to critical self defense concepts in a one day training experience. We understand the demands on your time, so we offer our workshops in 90 minute sessions.

Each 90 minute FMA Workshop will include some of the following:
Statistics and Realities of Our Environment
Prevention, First Line of Self Defense
Base, Balance and Moving Properly
Dealing with Force
Barriers and Escape
Targeting & Offensive Concepts
Striking Techniques
Delivering Force
Protection & Defensive Concepts
Defensive Techniques
Weapons of Opportunity
What If I am Grabbed
What If I Am On The Ground
Legal Considerations
Scenarios and Defenses
Q & A
And more…
Check out our FAQ’s page for more information.

Get More Out of Your Workshop
The most information we offer in workshop format is the FMA FUN90 Workshops.
This consists of 3, three-hour workshops over 90 days (one workshop per month for three months).

“Scott’s Fundamental Martial Arts classes are well organized and filled with practical, easy to learn content! Scott is a highly knowledgeable instructor who is very dedicated to training everyday people important self defense methods and movements. You will not be sorry that you enrolled in his program!” –K.S.