In managing a self defense situation, we must take action with practical responses.

FMA’s training is a fit for serious teens ready to work hard
building ability that may be required at any time during their lives.


Custom courses available, based on time available for training.
FMA Self Defense Personal Training is ongoing, continually building on what has been learned. Personal Training develops more skills and has more intensity than a course or workshop, so there is a definite fitness benefit as well.
(Teens 14 and under will need a parent present during their training time.)

“I had been searching for a place for my daughter and I to learn self defense tactics. I had no idea what or who I was stumbling across. Scott is an amazing instructor! He cares for each person he is training and feels responsible for their progress. For a daughter who is painfully shy, he can reach. For a worried Mom who doesn’t have considerable funds or time to invest, he can help. Rarely have I ever referred people or places, but I highly recommend Scott. Learning what I have so far, I feel every female should go through his training. Literally it could save your life.” – L. D.