Serious Stats

The average reports for Police response time to Priority One calls is varied from about three to five minutes.
That IS pretty fast for them to get to us, but a LONG TIME to wait for help! That is likely to worsen as the budgets are increasingly scrutinized…
Look at the second hand of a clock for 15 seconds….. that is way too long already if you are relying on someone else to save your life. Even if we say TWO minutes response time, that is still eight times longer than you just looked at the clock. What kind of damage can a chainsaw do in two minutes? Imagine an aggressive, unstable and determined attacker!
The police do a great job once they are there. I am sure officers would agree that some type of urban combat training is a prudent idea for you, your spouse, older children…

Let’s look at violent crimes. By the way, there are many other crimes that could include an Arizona citizen, these are just four.
Violent Crime FACTS
Violent Crime is Murder, Forcible Rape, Robbery and Aggravated Assault
According to an Arizona DPS report, there is
one violent crime every 17 minutes in our state.
There were 29,424 violent crimes reported in 2005
but only 8,654 arrests for violent crimes in 2005
If you can run to safety and call 911 — GREAT!
IF NOT, are you ready to fight for your life?!