General Payment & Cancellation Policy
Class sizes and instructor schedule is limited and the pre-register process, including scheduling and payment, is designed to be enrollment/participation confirmation. There can be no refunds for pre-paid/scheduled class time. Group, Day Camp, Workshop, Course or Personal Training participant’s fees must be pre-paid and there can be no refunds for any reason, including if student cannot attend any pre-paid and pre-scheduled FMA training. No make-up class time or “forwarding of dues” will be available. ALL scheduled training is pre-paid and there are no refunds for any reason. Your cooperation with the FMA cancellation policy is appreciated. If Instructor cannot attend a scheduled class, the dues will be credited and forwarded to the next class opportunity.
Workshop Policy
Please no Walk-Ins. Although we would be pleased to teach you, Walk-Ins create disturbance for the rest of the class. Please no one (such as guests or children) outside of scheduled and per-paid participants (unless FMA is contacted one week prior and permission granted by Instructor) at FMA Workshops. This can also distract the class, therefore it is not acceptable.
Private Student Payment & Cancellation Policy
Termination of Private/Semi-Private training with FMA requires a FULL 30 day notice. Student may use pre-paid class time to continue with classes or may chose not to participate in the final 30 days of class time, but student IS RESPONSIBLE for training fees relating to 30 days of scheduled or pre-paid class time dues beyond notification. If student cancels participation without 30 days of dues pre-paid, the student is responsible for payment of the following month equal to fees of previous month. Again, student is welcome to train during the final 30 days if given full notice and has pre-paid. If student’s pre-paid dues are beyond anticipated schedule of the notice, there can be NO REFUNDS. There are no refunds for pre-paid training for any reason.