FMA is practical, modern and no nonsense;
keeping an aggressive and determined attacker in mind throughout the training.

FMA is not sport; sport has weight classes, only one opponent at a time, no weapons and RULES.
Our mission is skill development. Results matter and your progress is our responsibility.
Our product is your improved ability to protect yourself or someone you care about.
FMA training is the SKILL to go with your will to fight. Hone your abilities, develop new ones, gain further understanding of concepts that will help prepare you and improve your ability to protect yourself and your family.
If you are a father, business traveler or just know these skills are needed in today’s world, this is the best opportunity you will have to get a wide overview of key concepts and techniques for self protection.

“FMA distills martial arts techniques down to the essential, effective elements.
The response training makes me feel like I can react to potential threats without hesitation.” –D.B.