Fun 90 For Her

FMA knows time and money is a concern for everyone.
FMA (Fundamental Martial Arts) considers your needs and FMA’s FUN90 is the answer.
Designed for adult women and young adult women,
we have condensed the key concepts and critical skills down to nine total hours of training:
one, three hour workshop, once per month for three months respects your limited free time.

In just these 90 days you are only investing
three hours a month for each level of skill development.

With group format (10+) fast-paced, hands-on workshops
at a cost of only $79 per person, per workshop level,
FMA has made this important and FUN-damental training affordable as well.

FUN90 For Her - Level 1FUN90 For Her - Level 2FUN90 For Her - Level 3

Ideal for women’s organizations, retreats,
realtors, groups & more.


Designed to be affordable, in a condensed amount of time…

Fun90 makes it possible to actually find time for quality training.

An improved ability to protect yourself or your children is not a luxury item.

FMA Training is a great addition or alternative to regular fitness programs…


You have likely considered training before,
FUN90 is a fit for any woman who realizes it’s now time.

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