Who is Scott Shephard?
Scott Shephard has been seriously studying martial arts more than twenty-five years. His entire focus has been to absorb practical self-defense methods and concepts. Over the years, Shephard has been exposed to many quality systems and studied six martial art methods originating from four countries. He has gained expertise in close quarter practical weaponry such as sticks, knives and handguns.
Scott has experience in executive protection and has written many self defense related articles. He has over twenty-five years teaching experience in Self Defense Personal Training, Workshops and Group Classes. Scott is a master instructor, who truly learned from the best.
In 2004, Scott Shephard was inducted into the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame.    read more


What is FMA?
Fundamental Martial Arts (FMA) addresses the skills needed in a modern combat scenario. Over time, students develop genuine functional ability in managing and adapting to all types of attack. Students of FMA will learn and practice solutions to issues like being grabbed, being on the ground, against weapons, multiple opponents and more. FMA is not sport; sport has weight classes, only one opponent at a time, no weapons and RULES, hence our sister web address StreetNotSport.com.    read more

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